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Tools You Can Use

3 Bullet Proof Ways to Stake a Tree
Landscape Contractor Qualification Form
Installation Best Practices
Southeastern Tree Specification Matrix
Florida Grades & Standards
Under-Utilized Plants for Florida Landscapes

3 Bullet Proof Ways to Stake a Tree  
. Most staking systems fail. Here are three bullet proof ways to stake a tree based on the best information available from FNGLA, Walt Disney World, The International Societyof Arboriculture, The University of Florida, The Florida Department of Transportation and Cherry Lake Tree Farm.

Small Tree Planting Detail - up to 2.5" Caliper Trees

  Medium Tree Planting Detail - 2.5" - 5" Caliper Trees  
  Large Tree Planting Detail - 5" - 10" Caliper Trees  
Landscape Contractor Qualification Form Click Here
  Timothee Sallin Cherry Lake Tree Farm,2003  
  The Landscape Contractor Qualification Form is a simple and effective way to evaluate the professionalism and expertise of landscape contracting companies. Based on best practices used by Walt Disney World and The Florida Department of Transportation this tool will help landscape architects, general contractors, cities, and project owners control the quality of their landscape subcontractors and ensure a level playing field in competitive bid scenario.
Best Installation Practices for the Optimal Establishment of Container Trees
. John White, Alan Heinrich, David Ressler and Ed Barton Installation
  This Installation Best Practices Guide is an educational tool covering all aspects of the tree installation and establishement process. The recommendations contained in this guide are based on the experiences of many contributors in the landscape industry over time. This guide is intended to be used as a reference. Its use does not guarantee any particular result in the field nor does its use imply that the user has undergone formal training in the subject matter.
Southeastern Tree Specification Matrix
  Timothee Sallin Cherry Lake Tree Farm,2003  
  Matrix of proper botanical names, common names, plant patent, container and ball & burlap specification for major landscape trees and palms in the Southeast United States.
Florida Grades and Standards  
  Revised Florida Grades & Standards (I) PDF (1.9mb)  
  Revised Florida Grades & Standards (II) PDF (1.7mb)  
  Revised Florida Grades & Standards (III) PDF (4.6mb)  
  Florida Grades & Standards for Palms & Cycads  
Under Utilized Plants for Florida Landscapes  

Tired of the same old plant palette?
Check out these quality resources for selecting under-utilized plants:


FNGLA - Florida Plant of the Year Program

Sponsored by FNGLA, the Florida Plants of the Year program is designed to promote the use of superior and proven Florida plants. Benefiting growers, garden centers and consumers alike, promotional displays can be seen at many industry and consumer venues highlighting the year’s selected plant varieties.

2008 / 2007 / 2006 / 2005 / 2004 / 2003 / 2002 / 2001 / 2000/ 1999/ 1998

Leu Gardens - Horticulture Guides

On a periodic basis the staff of Leu Gardens publishes information about specific plants within its collection or about important gardening topics.  Simply click on the file name below and print them for reading later.

Philodendrons / Street Trees - Part I / Street Trees Part II / Coleus / Ferns /

Invasive Plants / Camellias / Broadleaved Evergreens / Ginger

Ornamental Grasses / Coleus Trial Results / Bananas / Roses / Citrus

Bamboo / Flowering Trees Part I / Flowering Trees  Part II / Cycads

Heliconia / Uncommon Palms / Drought Tolerant Plants /

Cherry Lake Tree Farm - Tree Solution Guide

Hollies: Nativa Dahoon / East Palatka / Nellie R. Stevens / Oak Leaf™

Crape Myrtles: Muskogee / Natchez / Tuscarora / Tuskegee

ElmsAllée® / Drake / Princeton

Magnolias: Blanchard / Bracken / Little Gem / Miss Chloé®

Oaks: Millennium® / Cathedral® / Highrise® / Southern Shade® /

Hightower® Willow / Laurel / Overcup / Bluff

Needled Evergreens: Italian Cypress / Japanese Cedar / Leyland Cypress

Spartan Juniper / Torulosa Juniper

Other: Autumn Gold™ Bald Cypress / Bald Cypress / Flame Red Maple

Japanese Blueberry / Ligustrum